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Zettai Shonen

<fanboy mode="incoherent">
mrow. I just finished watching Zettai Shonen... and I used to think, "OK, good anime, seems interesting, not really sure where it's going...". Then I watched the ending (which is to say, the last 3 eps or so).

Best. Anime. Evar. I NEED WALLPAPER!

OK, not quite, but still... such a good series. The ending could've been tailor-made for me. ;P

The thing is, I don't even know how to describe it or synopsize it ... because it's just different. It's a 26-ep series, and for probably the first 23 eps or so, most people will probably sit there and go, "OK, this seems interesting, but I'm not really sure where we're going here...", and then the last two eps or so... "OMGwtfbhaghrahgahhhh... Wow. It makes sense now."

Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, I really liked it, but I can't even begin to describe why. Like ... the way the story is setup, and the way it's concluded.... if *I* can't guess where something's going ahead of time, it must be pretty damn original. :p

OK, that's enough anime for today.

-- Des

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