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So we never actually got anything more than drizzle today, which sucks. Oh well.

Still going through the usual routine of "get up, go to school/work, go to club/other important engagement/come home/crash". bleh.

Today was work, which was somewhat unproductive. I have to learn Flash/Director, because most of our games are written in those, and I need to go through and modify them to work with my project (which is written in the only-slightly-less-painful Java).

Lingo (Director's language) sucks. Lingo does not promote (or even allow :p) good programming practices. In fact, it actively discourages them. This gives me a headache.

Tomorrow afternoon, I shall force myself to go to the beach (or perhaps Bishop's) and go hiking, rather than doing any of the uncountably infinite number of "productive" things I want to get done. I think I need beach time. If any of you want to join me, poke me and let me know.

Sadly, this means I probably won't be going out tomorrow night, which I feel badly about because I haven't seen Andy/Joe in like forever. But I have three different paper-like projects I need to be working on (nevermind the stuff I want to do on my own time), so ... oh well. ::sigh::

Time to wank^H^H^H^Hshower. And then sleep.

[BTW, for the less-geekily inclined, "^H" (or "Control-H") == "Backspace" on your standard VT100 terminal. ...Not that anyone knows about VT100 terminals anymore. :p]

-- Des

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