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Straight People Who Care

SLO people surprise me sometimes.

In my Philosophy class (which is 2 hours long), we usually have a 10-minute break. So on Monday during the break, I was standing outside with my professor and another girl from the class. We were just making small talk, and she (the girl, not the prof) was talking about how she's engaged, and what a weird process getting married is. But she also said that she and her fiance were considering not getting married, because same-sex couples can't marry.

That's pretty cool. I mean, I don't usually expect straight people to care that much. They're not the ones who can't get married, right? They need to do something to fix the problem, but really, it's our problem to begin with -- we own it, we're the ones whose rights are being infringed.


Next Tuesday (Valentine's Day, or Singles Awareness Day, if you're bitter and cynical like me ;P), the local GLBT groups are doing Same-Sex Handholding Day. Again, I wouldn't really expect heteros to care ... why should they participate in something that's about same-sex love? And yet ... emails have been making the rounds. My PHIL professor (who is married with kids) forwarded an email about it to all her classes.

Huh. It's just a f*king email... but seriously, it's a f*king email! How cool is that?

Most straight people look at me funny when I start to talk about civil rights, even if they are on "our side". Most straight people really don't care, nor would I expect them to. But a few do, and they have my undying gratitude.


This just goes to show... it's the little things, people. Things we do without realizing or thinking about it can make someone else's day. It took both of the aforementioned people less than 2 minutes to do these things. And thus, my hope for humanity remains alive.

Or something.

-- Des

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