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Minor Update

I haven't felt like writing much in the past day or is pretty normal, for the most part (whatever that means).

As kion noted, we have rain, which makes me a happy Des. No thunder and lightning, least up here. :(

The rain had a very calming effect...the past few days, I've been getting stressed, and pissy...but today all that just washed away when I got up and found it was raining. It's been cloudy and rainy all day...but still nice. Just the way I like it.

In other news, I've decided I really don't like GNOME...the Keep It Simple, Stupid philosophy just doesn't work for me when applied to software. I like my software to be flexible, and have lots of options. GNOME just doesn't let me tweak things the way I want them, even using GConf.

KDE is nice, and full-featured...but it has so many features, and so much bloat, that the last time I tried it it took over 2 minutes just to load everything on my laptop. I'm going to give it another try, though, because I hear that for the 3.1 release they really tried to clean things up and make them more efficient. I think KDE's main problem now is Qt...Qt is getting so bloated it takes forever to compile (about 3-4 hours on deneb).

I really hope it's faster than last time. Cause if it's not, I'm not sure what I'm going to do desktop-wise.

-- Des

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