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Getting shit done.

There's something so ... ironic, or karmic, or paradoxical, or weird, or whatever, about skipping class to do homework.

Still in get-shit-done mode, but you knew that already, because I pretty much haven't left get-shit-done mode since probably the beginning of the quarter, except for a few rounds of Forza at the Institute or other such things.

There's something both energizing and exhausting about being in get-shit-done mode. Like, I'm always thinking about the next thing done on the list, even when I'm not working, which is exhausting (and not really being in the present moment)... but at the same time, I'm productive. There's something drug-like about being able to click that little check box next to an item in my TODO list and see it disappear forever. I dream of one day opening the list, and seeing nothing but a blank screen.

One day.

The list is, at least, staying fairly constant in length, if not getting shorter. I can take some small solace in that. But I think it's mostly a result of growing up. Growing up, as a friend (friend's friend?) once said, is a process of consolidation.

Does that mean I'll be done growing once my list is well and truly empty?

I think, in a weird, metaphorical/philosophical way, the answer is Yes.

limt->infinity length(TODO) = 0.

-- Des

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