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Parents came and went. We went out to nice restaurants for most of the weekend. My mother, of course, spent the whole time we were in said restaurants bitching about how expensive this was going to be. She finally realized this afternoon at our early Easter dinner she sounds a lot like her mother. :p

Spent most Saturday doing graphics homework, and most of today driving around.

I discovered today that the Jeep (Cherokee, for those who don't know) is perfectly happy being in water up to (if not covering) its front bumper. (At least, it's happy enough for a minute or so. More than a couple minutes doesn't bear thinking about.)

So. If you want to diss American cars, fine (I'll probably even agree with you at least half the time). But don't you dare diss Jeeps in my presence. :P [Now watch as I get 32,768 comments talking about how Jeeps are crappy cars that break down after only 42 miles. ;P]

Instead of doing Calculus (which I half-finished), I'm eating soup and finishing off the last of a bottle of wine my parents brought down.

I'm tired. When's the weekend?

Oh, wait... :p

Edit: Oh yeah, also forgot to mention I sent out my formal "sorry, I can't do this anymore" email to the other GLBU officers. I've managed to be at maybe half a meeting total this quarter, which just doesn't cut it for someone who's supposed to be a club officer. I blame school.

-- Des

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