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Bahahaha... CHEM is almost as bad as BIO 213 was...

So... everyone did abysmally on the first midterm (which was on Monday). The class average was 48%, and the distribution wasn't really skewed (so the median is presumably also in the 48% range). I was slightly above average, but only slightly.

Normal teachers might sit back and think, "Hmm. Maybe I made the test too hard, or maybe something wasn't being communicated properly." But not this teacher. Oh no... this teacher has to give us a lecture on how disappointed she is.

And then she tells us she's not going to curve it.

On the positive side of that, however, she is offering to let us make up a maximum of 20% of that with an extra-credit quiz.

But still... you'd think if over half of your class got a failing grade on a test, something just might be wrong there. (Hint: It's pretty unlikely to be the students. Possible, certainly, but not very likely.)


I had forgotten why 1xx classes suck so much. Thank you, Ms. Chemistry-professor, for reminding me. I'll try to remember that if I'm ever stupid enough (ha) to go back to school once I've finally managed to escape it.

-- Des
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