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Still alive, and just barely sane.

...although I somehow managed to get an ear infection. (It's anyone's guess how that happened. :p)

It's been lingering for a couple of weeks, so I finally went in this morning to get it diagnosed. It's actually a good thing I did, because it's been getting worse as the day progresses. Hopefully it will clear itself up relatively quickly -- having one ear messed-up is getting increasingly annoying.

(So, yeah. No more aural sex. And if you don't get that joke, it's probably because you don't hang out at the Institute. ;P)


Still behind in Graphics (along with the rest of the class)... though I'm hopefully going to at least get a bit further tonight. We actually have a midterm next week, which is kinda scary, seeing as how most of my attention has been directed toward the programs, with comparatively little toward lecture.

I think I managed to actually not-fail a Chem quiz today, which is good.

Calc 3 is still giving me conniption fits, though... the things they're doing with derivatives and integrals in that class scare me. Either that, or squick me and make me go "Oh, that's just not right...". As in, on the order of trying-to-get-BASIC-to-generate-and-execute-inline-Itanium-assembly not right.

Derivatives and arclengths of things defined in polar coordinates ... scary.

I mean, I like polar coordinates (in a lot of cases more than I like Cartesian coordinates -- it must be the Lisper in me or something :p), but come on now. That's just abusive. ;P


Long as I'm thinking about school ... I was invited to present my senior project to the Industrial Advisory Committee. (This is a committee for the comp.sci dept consisting of higher-ups in industry who advise the dept on things they should teach.) So now I have to come up with a presentation explaining why MetaFS is cool, and why people should care about it.

I'm flattered that I was invited, but this is yet one more thing I have to do...

Ah, well. Seems there just isn't enough of me to go around this quarter. I guess I should be thankful I have so much to do, and I'm not sitting back twiddling my thumbs. :p

-- Des

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