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Mrowr. (which is feline for, "Generic Update-Like Thing")

(...well, it isn't really, but then feline as a language was never well-suited to expressing abstract concepts like "update". ;P)

So the visit to the parents' has been good so far. Yesterday was crazy, as predicted ... ran from a dentist appointment in the morning to an interview in the afternoon to my brother's high school graduation in the evening.

I think the interview went well. I'm not sure if they'd want to give me a job or not, but either way, it was a good and worthwhile experience. Most of the questions were directed toward assessing how I think about and solve problems. So I played with Sudoku puzzles and ping-pong balls and drew relational diagrams and outlines on the whiteboard. I've never actually been through a full interview series like that before -- they had me talking to four separate people over the course of two hours.

Brother's graduation went well, aside from all the stupid people in the audience who went down to the front to get pictures, and then stood around talking after their kid had already walked. It consistently amazes me how oblivious people can be to the outside world sometimes.

Today was mostly hanging out, going to Costco and picking up stuff. My cousin and her family came over tonight, and the nine of us (including brother's gf) barbecued and sat around talking for most of the evening. They just left about a half-hour or so ago.

I pulled out MetaFS source again, and I think I'm going to try to keep making progress with that. Looking at the software ecology as it currently stands, though, I'm not sure MetaFS is very well-positioned to be useful to any of the major desktop players, all of which are busy coming up with their own fairly-far-along solutions. I probably would have had to start the project a year or so earlier, and given it more attention, but oh well.

It is (or will be) useful to me, which is the important thing, for now. I'll obviously try to include documentation, and build out as much of it in a complete and professional manner as I can. If nothing else, it will be continuing what has thus far been a good experience in software development. Whether or not it will actually be useful to people besides me remains to be seen.

-- Des

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