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Recent Events (Updated)

I found out a couple days ago that our professor decided our design was crap, and therefore we should rework everything. OK, fine. I think he's wrong...but I'm not going to argue at this point.

Today, I found out that we're supposed to have a large chunk of our code ready by Wednesday. My reaction to this was to stare at my leader, and say, in that tone, "...What?"

It's not really his fault, though...he has a better idea than I do right now of what's going on, and he seems to know what needs to be done. The problem is doing it in two days. :-/

I'm very tempted to walk into Dan's office and say "you know what, we might have had a shot at this if you hadn't ripped our design to shreds, but since you did, there's no way it's happening by Wednesday, pure and simple".

Of course, if I value my grade, I won't do that.

But that sure doesn't stop me from being pissed off all to hell.

* * *

I feel lately as if I've been so wrapped up in my schoolwork and my routine that there has been no time for me to do anything relaxing, other than fight with deneb over compiling/running KDE CVS (which hardly counts). I really don't consider sitting here screwing with make and trying to convince KDE relaxing anymore. If I weren't such a bull-headed, assertive asshole I'd probably just install 3.1 and be done with it.

I don't remember the last time I read a book for pleasure. I've been wanting to buy/read the LotR series (since I can't seem to find my old copies...), but I haven't done anything on that yet.

In the past few weeks or so, I haven't:

  • Gone to the store, and actually bought decent food that would constitute a good meal.

  • Eaten a good meal.

  • Done the dishes, and actually had a clean kitchen with no dirty dishes.

  • Gotten more than about 5-6 hours of sleep.

  • Taken my vitamins.

  • ... and so on

  • This has got to stop.

    Update 1:07 PST: I'm not asleep yet, but I just took my vitamins.

    -- Des

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