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To-Do List for the Evening...

#1: Get food
#2: Get a life (preferably one that involves finding things to do on Friday nights -- or even weeknights)
#3: ???
#4: Profit!

Sigh. Friday nights are such a crapshoot around here. Some weeks, my whole weekend is consumed by people. This is looking to not be one of those weekends.


Still undecided on what I'm going to rename this journal -- it's between "wilddeskitty" and "deskitty". I'm leaning towards the latter, because it puts "Des" at the beginning of the name. (Plus, people actually *call* me "Deskitty" occasionally in real life.) But that would mean dropping the "Wild". I kinda like the Wild -- it's marginally more distinctive, and I already have "WildDesKitty" in a couple other places.

Decisions, decisions...

-- Des

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