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Work is pretty uneventful. I've been quite a bit more productive this week than I was last week -- I'm wondering if I just hit some sort of rut.

Either way, if I did hit a rut, I got kicked out of it last weekend. I was productive around the house, and I got to hang out with faerylore (whom I haven't seen in months), and then later netolu and Sachi.

I really love it when I can just hang out with people and chat. That's seriously one of my most favorite things to do, and I got in a couple good conversations this weekend.

Still haven't started either of the books I got at Border's. (Well, I read a little of the Buddhist book, but it slid out of my head already. :p)

Been a bit more productive at work this week, partially because I'm working on stuff that's reasonably well-suited to me, and not (a) mind-numbingly boring, or (b) so hard it's nearly impossible (for me, at any rate). I'm also (finally) almost caught up on my hours. Took me long enough...

Italy's still rather inconvenient, but that's OK. I can wait on all the big things until I get back, I suppose. (I'd really like that new laptop, though. :p)

I really don't want Border Patrol butt-raping my laptop on the way back into the USA, though. I can hide/encrypt the porn easily enough (which I shouldn't even have to do, because it's PERFECTLY LEGAL to have in the US)... but the idea of some random person sifting through my data... ::shivers::

The sad thing is, there are much easier ways of moving illicit content into and out of the US than by carrying laptops through Customs. So why the hell do they even waste the time to check? :p

-- Des

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