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Italy (part 4 of N)

>>> Soprabolzano

Every time I open the laptop, it tells me what time it is in Pacific time. I think it's funny how right now, it's almost 1 PM PST, and yet here, I'm writing before getting ready for bed.

I was really hoping we'd have Internet tonight, so I could push the backlog of LJ posts I have here, but unfortunately (a) we have to pay for it, and (b) I'd have to go down to my parents' room to get it, since apparently they haven't installed wireless on Alex's and my floor yet. When we head to Venice tomorrow night, I'll probably just pay for it, period, for any number of reasons I don't feel like discussing now.

The hotel we're staying at tonight (aside from the Internet issues) is very modern and very German. (This is expected; it's in Northeastern Italy.) You pretty much don't have to do anything yourself -- the lights turn on and off for you, the room doors unlock themselves when you wave your little access card at them, etc. It's all very clean and very new, which is a refreshing change from the ancient hotel we were in for the last few nights.

The day itself was mostly a day of driving, in and out of the Alps. I think we were in the car for a total of 8 hours, from the time we left Bellagio to the time we arrived in Bolzano/Soprabolzano. Most of that time was spent on windy roads, with me fervently wishing I had been driving. (grrr.) We passed through a number of skiing towns, and there was still snow from last year on the peaks ... amazing when you think about the fact that it's October, and this year's snow season is due to start shortly.

The GPS, by the way, has been behaving like any other piece of technology -- which is to say, it's been very finicky. I think we made several wrong turns and false starts because of screwy directions it gave us. Part of that was my Dad's fault for not picking his waypoints carefully enough, and part was my fault for not sanity checking its directions more thoroughly. (How many software engineers does it take to figure out we're driving in circles? :p)

Oh well. We've been pulling something like 100-200 pictures a day off the camera, all of them quite pretty. That is due in no small part to us getting lost on windy back-country roads. ;) (Of course, when we finally cull them, we'll probably get down to something like 30/day, because a lot are multiple shots of the same thing.)

Anyway, it's getting late and it's been a long day.

I'm getting a bit homesick, and I miss my wuff and my various kitties. But I'll see them again in a couple weeks, I know.
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