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Back in Atascadero.

Got back a few hours ago, very tired and somewhat sick.

It's to the point now where small, trivial things are turning into Big Deals(tm). For example, two of the cat T-shirts I bought (fortunately neither of which was the important one) shrank in the wash to the point where they won't fit over my head anymore -- despite the assurances of the shop owner that they wouldn't shrink in the wash. ::growls::

There are other things, some of them not-so-little, but I don't want to talk about them now.

>>> The Flight Back

The flight back (well, three flights back) was harrowing. I think we spent over 24 hours straight in transit. Two hours from Milan (MXP) -> London (LHR), leaving early in the morning, with a ~6-hour layover at Heathrow (for lunch), followed by 8ish hours from London to Chicago, with a ~2-hour layover (for customs) and a 4-hour flight from ORD to SFO. Nevermind the driving to/from various airports.

And security just had to be a bitch to us (well, mostly me and my mom) at every stop except Chicago. I'm too tired now to even want to recount the details -- all I will say is the magic words are, "Can you check this [as baggage] please?". Oh yeah, and staring in stony silence, with brief-but-polite corrections (as they don't repack your bag properly) also helps.

-- Des
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