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w00t! Post-debauchery entry.

OK, first, I just have to say...I have my laptop back. And, stuff is getting installed. FINALLY. Happy Des.

"Debuchery" was extra-special good tonight. (Note to prudes: By "debauchery", I mean being social, know.) We watched Fight Club, and some of the other debaucherers that were of legal age were drinking. Mule and devpreed also played a few rounds of Monkey Ball. (I know, sorry, sorry, no links because it's 4 AM and I'm lazy.)

I think I really have a group of good friends here...we've started to have some of those "serious" talks about life that all good friends have at some point. And yes, I know, I promised you journals on certain subjects, but I just haven't gotten around to them yet. Honest...there are drafts sitting on my filesystem at this very moment.

Kay...I'm tired now. G'night.

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