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I sat on the futon (which is still pulled out), facing the wall. My breath felt labored and constricted, but not ragged -- just as though it required a lot of force to move. A few of the vertebrae in my mid-back were sore, as they were last night. My heart rate felt slightly elevated for the whole session -- I noticed my heart beating more (or maybe harder?) than I did last night, anyway.

I kept the count starting off, but lost it a couple times toward the end. I was feeling increasingly sleepy, and my eyes drifted closed a couple of times. I thought a bit about Scrubs, and about work. I also briefly remembered the fact that my clean laundry is sitting in the basket in the bedroom, and hasn't been put away yet. I felt some annoyance about that -- as though I resented having to put things away. I especially resented the fact that I would have to make my bed before I could sleep in it.

-- Des
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