Des (deskitty) wrote,


10-15 minutes this time, most of which I spent tense.

I started off hearing the "Sanctuary" song in my head. It popped up throughout my session. I also thought about sitting and judgement some more. Thought about FC a little bit.

My left eye was twitching most of the time. I found the harder I focused on it, the harder it twitched until I could barely keep my eye open and I had tears running down my face from my eye's attempt to lubricate itself. A feeling of great discomfort arose, and I felt compelled to wipe them away and rub my eye, after which the twitching stopped for a bit. It came back again later, but not nearly as bad as before. The next time, I didn't focus on it specifically more than briefly. it stayed with me for the rest of the session, but it didn't progress beyond the occasional twitch.

My heart rate was slightly elevated, and my heart was pumping harder than normal (i.e. the beats were stronger). My breath was a bit ragged, but still slow and even. It didn't change much throughout the session.

I didn't make much effort to remember specific details this time around. I also found myself drifting off into spacey-land periodically.

I may try forcing a fixed time period for meditation, and possibly try to remember to do it earlier in the day next time, when I'm not tired.

-- Des
Tags: meditation

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