Des (deskitty) wrote,


Sat for 15 minutes, timed this time.

Thought some about the purpose behind meditation, and of keeping a meditation journal. Then went back to the count. The occasional thought would flit in and out, but none stuck around long enough to become fully-formed.

I drifed in and out quite a bit, and restarted the count several times. My eyes would drift shut, and I would begin daydreaming in a loose, formless way. Then, when I would open my eyes, I would be on the same counting number, but several breaths had passed. Or I would have lost the count and started over.

The timer went off, I completed the set of breaths I was on, and stood with a fleeting, involuntary sigh of relief; as if to say, "Well, thank God that's over.".

-- Des
Tags: meditation

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