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Feeling very bushed, though I haven't done much this week.

Part of that is due to post-con emo, part to getting sick, part to having missed a couple days meditating while at con, and part to just being lazy coming back to work. :p

I was somewhat more productive today, though, so I'm feeling genuinely tired as opposed to merely lethargic/apathetic. In some ways, it's a good feeling. Certainly better than being tired.

Wondering what to do with myself tonight/tomorrow night/this weekend. Part of me wants to be social, but part of me looks at the list of things I have to do/want to do, most of which are solitary activities.

For instance, I kinda want to visit with darkone238 and amranx tonight [Is it drama-conducive to even mention this?], but I know I have to go to Costco, do dishes, finish cleaning, etc. As I told him earlier today, I'm also trying to give Dark his space.

Iunno. Guess we'll see. I'm getting tired of making decisions by not making them, so I will decide one way or another before I leave work.

-- Des

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