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Missed last night, so I get to do it twice today.

For most of the session, my breath felt ... compressed and fast, like I was forcing air in and out of my chest.

I thought some about SWAT teams, and about the morality of even detaining an innocent person. I thought it better to allow several murderers to go free than to convict an innocent.

I breathed a bit, and counted. Then thought about the movie Cars for a bit.

Wanted to chastize myself for having missed yesterday, and kept falling into the trap of critically analyzing my meditation, while I was doing it. Kept reminding myself that I wasn't supposed to be making judgements, just sitting and observing what is. [Hmm. That's a judgement in itself. It's far too easy to fall into these traps, and dig myself in deeper while attempting to get out!]

Breathed a bit more, and struggled to focus on breaths and the count. Wanted to drift off. Noted that I was drifting off, and shook myself awake, several times. Then the timer went off.

-- Des
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