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Still alive...

No, I haven't died, though I've mostly failed at my new-year's resolution to meditate every day. I can't even truthfully say I'm working on it -- other than to say that I think about it a lot. But thinking isn't sitting. ;)

Work has been pretty busy lately. I'm doing a lot of cleanup in preparation for some refactoring, on the theory that even though we're relatively late in the game, breaking backwards compatibility is better done before we release than after. ;) There's no question it needs to be done -- it's just a question of when.

Anyway, my life has been pretty boring otherwise. Parents came down for the weekend, since it was my Dad's birthday. We did what we usually do -- drove around a lot, got cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and stared at pretty scenery.

I'm almost caught up with Heroes. I don't know why the hell I like that show so much -- usually I'm ranting about how modern TV is mostly drivel. But that show has some pretty damn good writers. The actors aren't half-bad, either, though I do think Peter Patrelli is overplayed.


Been thinking (and privately writing) about Dryice quite a bit lately. I had a nifty breakthrough today about stack frames that I think will let me drop a few opcodes from the language. I've started working on a notation for writing Dryice programs. I figured out a cool way to make the language extensible while still allowing for infix operators and operator precedence. All of these ideas are in need of serious refinement, however.

Interestingly enough ... most of the ideas I've had didn't happen while staring at what little code I've written. In fact, I'm pretty much staying away from actual code right now, and focusing on documenting the language/virtual machine that doesn't exist yet. ;) I find that writing in English is sometimes a very necessary intermediate step on the path from idea to working implementation.

English is like, the most flexible prototyping language ever. =P

Funny that of all the programming projects I've picked up and dropped (MetaFS is sadly approaching the dropped list, though I don't want to admit it) ... the programming language is always the one I come back to. I mean ... I was trying to write my own programming languages back when the only thing I knew was VB, and before I had any decent idea of what a parser was. =P (I actually got it somewhat-working, too.)

The present incarnation of Dryice is a far cry from the on-the-fly text parsing (if you could call it parsing) I did way-back-when. It's amazing how far I've come since then.

Maybe sometime, for personal history's sake, I should try to sit down and catalog all the attempts I've made at a programming language. There have to be at least a half-dozen by now, several of which bear the name "Dryice".

-- Des

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