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Overheard in #nightfur...

[Editor's note: Intervening non-punny conversation has been cut for the sake of brevity.]

[22:12:04] <Caitlyn> mew?
[22:12:15] * Caitlyn pokes at a Jent.
[22:12:17] <MrWolf> aww
[22:12:19] <Foxhound> jent...what?
[22:12:21] <MrWolf> hi jent
[22:12:25] <jent> word
[22:12:38] <Caitlyn> dword!
[22:12:51] <jent> Caitlyn, making a computer refrence there?
[22:12:55] * Des takes Caitlyn's dword and casts it to a byte!
[22:13:03] <Caitlyn> DX
[22:13:15] <Caitlyn> ... hey, wait, that's a register too. hehe
[22:13:18] <Des> Yesh
[22:13:55] <Caitlyn> Des broke my dword... see? It's in a cast! *pout*
[22:14:00] <Des> But wait ... is it signed, or unsigned?
[22:14:22] <Des> Caitlyn: Sorry about that... you can have the bits back... >.>
[22:15:15] <Caitlyn> Well, you already decided to byte me once. :P
[22:16:13] <Des> Caitlyn: I didn't mean it! I just wanted to nybble a little!
[22:16:41] <Caitlyn> My, you're a wild character. :P
[22:17:30] <Des> Oh baby, my high bit is set ... I'm unprintable. =D
[22:18:29] * Des collapses giggling into the heap
[22:18:37] <Caitlyn> My... I wasn't gonna ASCII dumb question like that.
[22:19:39] <Caitlyn> Sorry, I didn't mean to String you along. :P
[22:22:00] <Des> Oh, but your strings of Perls are so pretty... =D
[22:24:14] <Caitlyn> Yeah.. they came up fresh from the C.
[22:24:35] <Des> Really? Did you find them in a shell?
[22:24:58] <Caitlyn> XD Yeah.. I had to Bash them open.
[22:25:20] <Des> What'd you use? A fork()?
[22:26:54] * MrWolf guesses she bashed it in many windows
[22:27:34] <Caitlyn> Naw... it'd ruin my thread! Gimme a break.
[22:29:24] <Caitlyn> 'sides, this mew-Tex would rather just use her own digits.
[22:29:32] <Caitlyn> ;D
[22:30:44] <Caitlyn> An' a log!
[22:34:20] <Des> That would work ... but a Pipe would be easier, don't you think? ;)
[22:35:04] <Des> I mean ... that way you wouldn't have to Wait for the right Conditions and all.
[22:35:05] <Caitlyn> Not if I have to get it from the stream. :P
[22:36:42] <Des> Yes, I suppose that's true. Seeking through a stream can be hard work.
[22:37:50] <Caitlyn> Yeah... 'sides, I didn't want to get anything from where people go to Dump.
[22:38:42] <MrWolf> and the gnomes, my god, the gnomes!
[22:38:47] <Des> Wait, didn't someone leave an open pipe on the stack in the corner?
[22:40:05] <Caitlyn> Don't you know it's rude to interrupt?
[22:41:03] <MrWolf> and kill too o.o
[22:41:11] <Des> I don't think he could help it -- he was sending signals he didn't mean to send.
[22:52:48] <Des> Caitlyn: By the way, thank you for that. I had a really good time. =D
[22:53:32] <Caitlyn> ^_^ You're welcome.
[22:53:46] <Des> Unfortunately, I think it's coming close to time for me to sleep(). =^.^=
[22:54:12] <Caitlyn> Yeah, if I don't soon, I might come to a sudden halt.

-- Des

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