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Charter sucks.

So my work uses Charter as their ISP. As some of you may have noticed, Charter went down completely this morning, and stayed down until roughly 10ish. They're still not fully back up as I write this.

Half their routes are totally messed up. I can't get to AIM, nor can I get to anything on AT&T's network (like my server at home). In order to rectify this, I had to do the following:

  1. Setup an SSH tunnel, through work's server, from my laptop to my server at home.
  2. Run my VPN (PPP over SSH) through the tunnel.
  3. Work out all the kinks in my VPN setup where I assumed it was actually sane (ha!).
  4. ???
  5. Internets!

So my packets are passing through not less than two servers (as opposed to routers) on their way to the open Internet. At one point (due to my weird network setup), they actually make a U-turn and go back the way they came. ^O.o^ I find this both amusing and disturbing at the same time.

Maybe I'll check after lunch, just to see if Charter's managed to stop being retarded. (Slim chance, I know. :p)

-- Des

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