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For those that don't already know, I'll be gone this weekend for Mother's day -- likely out of Internet range (though not cell range, I hope).

Allergies have been killing me this week. I'm hoping a fresh (not-expired) bottle of Claritin will take care of that, but if not, it may be time to make use of that shiny new insurance I just got this month. >.<

All told, the past couple of weeks have been ... harrowing. But I say that about a lot of weeks.

Sachi left her parents', and that's been a stressful transition for her. But I'm excited for her because she's starting out on a journey -- she's working on becoming truly self-sufficient. It's a hard thing to achieve, especially starting in the way she has, but I know she'll make it.

Me, I've still got a fair bit of Dark-emo crap going on, which is expected and normal. I need to re-learn (really learn?) how to be happy with, love and care for myself. That in itself is a journey.

I need to maybe shorten my perspective again -- I've been treating SLO as limbo, and doing that for so long that I'm basically living in the future. To an extent, I've been afraid of getting too close to people because it's going to be that much harder to leave when the time comes. In the future is no way to live.

I have immediate needs -- having people I can connect with close by is very important to me. I need to keep working wholeheartedly on developing that, and I can't let the idea of moving scare me into reservation. There are good people here. They're hard to find, but they're here.

-- Des

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