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Spica's drive is starting to go bad. It was exhibiting weird behavior again, so I did a diagnostic from the ground up, and found 3 bad blocks.

When it checks the battery power levels, it loses track of the keyboard, and tonight while I was using it, it randomly powered off, even though there was no overheating, or anything like that.

Take note: Sony's laptops are shitty.

It's eventually going to have to go back to Best Buy...which means no laptop for 3 weeks again while they ship it all over the damn country, sit on it for a while, maybe replace the correct part, sit on it some more, and ship it back. I just hope it lasts through spring break, cause I'm not going to be a happy Des if I don't have a computer.

Dammit, I'm pissed. I'm not going to fuck around with this Sony/Best Buy shit anymore. I use this machine for school, so I need it to work reliably, all the time (unless I screw it up through my own stupidity, in which case, it's my own damn fault anyway). If these guys don't get the concept that crappy parts make for crappy systems, then I'm just going to have to get a laptop from someplace else.

If/how I'm going to do that, given that I have no money right now, is beyond me.

-- Des

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