Des (deskitty) wrote,

More Computer Woes...

I have a bit of a dilemma here...

My backups have now (thanks to lots of imported pictures) grown in size to the point where they will no longer fit on a CD (yes, even compressed with bzip2). This poses a problem, as I can't do my (theoretically) weekly backup to CDRW unless I get the size down somehow (which generally involves deleting things...a bad idea).

I have also come to realize that the way I have this system partitioned at the moment is really, really stupid, and desperately needs to be cleaned up. Right now, /cvs, /pub (web, ogg/mp3, etc) and /export/home are all separate...and /export still exists (and has a metric assload of unrelated crap on it). To make matters worse, /usr and /usr/local are separate, as are /var and /var/tmp (although there's a good reason for /var/tmp).

I would like to point out that most of these are ReiserFS, although /var/tmp, /cvs, /pub and /export/home are on software RAID (either 0 or 1). Hopefully that means I can grow/shrink them without too much trouble.

How do you guys have your partitions setup?

I'd also like to explore encrypting my filesystems, although that means that booting the machine without user intervention would be impossible (it's nice when you're out of town and the power goes out).

If anyone has any suggestions on any of the above points, I could certainly use them.

Update 15:39 PST: I *just* squeaked under the 650MB limit...but no guarantees about next week.

-- Des

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