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Oh my GOD, SLO drivers are fucking RETARDS.

Quickly ran over to the video rental place to drop off a video.

On the way back from the video store, I almost got T-boned.

I was travelling West across the Curbaril overpass, when some idiot came off the Southbound offramp (which was on my right). He stopped at the stop sign, then waited until the nose of my car was just about to start passing in front of him before he decided "hey, this is a good time to go". I had to go completely into the opposing lane to avoid hitting him -- fortunately there was no oncoming traffic, because if there had been, I would've had to hit him. (The best brakes in the world won't get you from 40 to 0 in that distance without banging a few heads and cracking a windshield. :p)

This whole ... encounter was over and done with in maybe 2 seconds, total. I didn't even have time to honk at him.

Far as I could tell, the guy never slammed on his brakes, never displayed any awareness that there was another car there, just went. He certainly made it all the way into my lane before he realized I was there.

I'm just thankful I was driving Shiro. I'm not sure I could've pulled off a dodge like that in the Jeep.

Edit (Tues. morning): It almost happened again on the way to work this morning. Some old guy in a Mercedes, and I know he saw me because he looked first, and went anyway. Fortunately he left me rather more time to brake and honk, so it was merely annoying rather than hair-raising. :p

-- Des
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