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Holy shit...

Thunder and lightning, and it's drizzling. Also, it's still really warm outside.

Fucking strange weather, in August no less.

Edit 00:48: And that last bit of thunder I felt through the floor O.o

Also, holy shit it's now raining! =D

01:00: I'm not gonna sleep well tonight. Thunder's vibrating the floor. Also, the power flickered just now -- good thing I have the UPS.

02:27: Laptop is unplugged and on battery. UPS is cycling repeatedly now, with each lightning strike. Don't know how long power/network will last, if the electrical storm gets worse. The rain has let up, though. I was outside taking pics for a bit (yes, I was surrounded by trees taller than me, so :P), dunno how they turned out. We'll see tomorrow.

02:33: Rain is back with a vengeance -- big, thick drops, lots of them, and they're loud. Thunder started rattling things. I'm off AIM now so I can suspend the laptop and conserve its battery. I want to take a shower, or at least wash my hands, but I know better than to do that in the middle of a lightning storm.

02:54: Thunder/lightning seems to be subsiding for the moment, at least. It's good that power's been flickering out, rather than surging. Think I'm going to try to head to bed -- this is exciting and all, but I need to get up in the morning.

-- Des
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