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I'm with kion...a dual Xeon sounds good.

It's upgrading (compiling), backing up (bzip2), helping spica upgrade (distcc), regenerating my Bayesian corpi, and playing Massinova, all without flinching or complaining.

It's such a good workhorse...hard to believe it's almost 2 years old. I ask so much of it on a daily basis...web server, email server (smtp/pop), NFS, IRC server, router, database server (both postgres and mysql), all in addition to its regular duties as a desktop. I'm surprised it doesn't just collapse under the load sometimes.

Deneb, like spica, is my of the few things (or people, for that matter) I am very protective of.

Update 1:30 PST: /me bitchslaps SBC for rebooting a router without telling anybody about it. Although, they do earn points for knowing what Linux is, and knowing that they're using PAP authentication for their PPPoE connections.

Update (again) 1:32 PST: /me bitchslaps AIM for being stupid. Again.

-- Des

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