Des (deskitty) wrote,

My head hurts, and so do my neck and back.

I'm tired, and 205 was frustrating. But then, who wouldn't be frustrated by 3.5hrs of shuffling paper?

I'm contemplating watching a movie, or something. But...ehhhhhh. Instead I'm installing E17 on spica (again). It's been years since 16.5 came out...and it's way past time for E17. Although, honestly, some of those border/background concepts they've come up with are the most advanced I've ever seen, so if it takes a while to get it right, oh well...I'd rather have them do it right than do something quick-and-dirty just to get it out the door.

I've been using AfterStep for a while now...and it's getting on my nerves. Has been for a while, actually. The main thing that bugs me is the inability to use the Start key ("Meta") as a modifier. It seems to work as a normal key ("Super_L" and "Super_R"), however...weird. My other gripe is the idiotic way in which it orders menus...either by menu title (NOT the file/directory name), or by modification time. Which works OK, when autogenerating menus (which is what I do), but fails miserably when you have a normal menu and want to add a specific item at a certain point. I like the concept of having files/directories being menu entries, though. It fits well with the whole UNIX way of doing things.

Well, damn, this stream of consciousness has been sitting here for an hour now. Maybe I should submit. :p

-- Des

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