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I finished my last final today. CSC 330...the only final that actually made me think.

Afterwards, I had lunch with kion, and finally got that oversized mop that passes for my hair cut.

I just got tired of dealing with stuff, so I headed out to Montana de Oro for a few hours, and just watched the waves. I found a nice little secluded spot where there weren't any people around, and I just sat. It was was, in some ways, a minor center...a place where things are naturally balanced, where, for a time, one can simply forget about the troubles of the world.

Unfortunately, there is always the time to leave...the time to return to the real world. In some ways, it's a letdown...because for just that moment, life is good. Things are never perfect...but they're not bad, either. It's easy to forget we're bombing the shit out of a country when all you can see for miles and miles are rolling hills and waves.

-- Des

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