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In case it wasn't immediately obvious, deneb is hosed. To those of you who needed to make use of this machine for various top-secret purposes, my apologies. It will be back up before I go home for spring break.

It all started with those damn nVidia drivers...and things went downhill from there. I redid my kernel because of the ptrace() bug, and the nVidia drivers decided to die (as in, hardware-lock the machine, die). Then, when I went back to the old kernel, the drivers stayed borked. Since the system was in a pretty sorry state anyway (having taken a quarter's worth of abuse in 205), I decided to reload it, and thus managed to bork my RAID setup (don't ask how). Almost everything (including all of CVS, and all users' home directories) is saved, but it's probably going to be well into tomorrow before things are sorted out and functioning normally again.

From now on, deneb will remain in total-server mode, unless I need to do something specifically on it that I can't do on the laptop.

Again, my apologies.

-- Des

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