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So, I found out last night while reinstalling stuff that it was (amazingly enough) not, in fact, nVidia's fault this time.

No, this time it was the Gentoo kernel people...a word of warning to anyone who uses gentoo-sources: PPPoE is fux0red. Actually, I think the whole kernel is just messed up, but at this point, I don't care.

I switched over to ck-sources, and applied the IPsec (freeswan) patch, and it actually managed to stay up through the night (compiling/downloading). So, hopefully, this is representative of how it's going to behave when I head up to the bay area in a few hours.

Oh yes, and having backups on the laptop is generally a Good Thing(tm).

So, those with accounts before should again be able to ssh in, although there's very little in the way of actual software installed at this point. There's e-mail, ssh, CVS, a C compiler, and that's about it.

This damn thing kept me up until 4:30 AM. If it pulls another one like that...well, let's just say it had better not.

-- Des

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