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WildDesKitty: Almost missed my mouth (because it fell out of my hand), then almost gagged on it

Despite being sick (yay colds... again), this weekend was actually quite productive. ^.^

I cleaned a lot in my room, so now I have space under my desk, and semi-decent speakers on my desk.

I also participated in Kopete bug day for a few hours. Triaged 25 bugs so far (one group of 10, and one of 15), and I'll probably come back and do more during the week.

Brother is now home for three weeks, before he goes back for his final quarter at the CIA (not that CIA, the other CIA). While I'm glad to see him, it's getting somewhat crowded around here.

Also... if you can guess what the topic is referring to, you get 15... nah, scratch that, 20 happy-smile points. =) (I'll give you a hint: it's not a cock.) And it doesn't count if you already know. ;P

-- Des

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