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It's been a tough past few days, mainly due to me nearly pulling two all-nighters to get deneb back into a usable state. It is, now, and (thankfully) seems to be stable, but I have a window open watching it constantly.

We had dinner with my grandma last night, and then went back to her house. It was weird...cause she started going through all of Grandpa's stuff, trying to figure out what she could give to us. Even more bizarre, my mom was right in there helping her. Dad and I wanted to go home, because we were both tired...but it just seemed..weird. It didn't seem right to me that she was going through his stuff trying to give it away.

I think I'm just having trouble with this whole "death" concept.

* * *

Anyway, I'm back at my parents' house now...and am still busy as ever. I'm working tomorrow, and my comp.sci teacher from high school wants to see me again. I've also had friends call, and all this in addition to everything else I have to do with my parents/around the house.

Wasn't this supposed to be some sort of vacation? Urr.

It's all stuff I have to/should do, and there's not really any time for me to do it, other than over spring break, but I at least want some time or myself. I'd like nothing more than to be able to go sit on a beach somewhere, possi/probably with friends. Or just go driving around randomly until we find something fun to do. In some ways I'm in a social mood, but right now I want to eat, sleep, and watch Monty Python. Ha, right...

My mom is now talking about wanting to do stuff next weekend before I go home...what she really wants to do is drag me and the rest of the family off into the middle of nowhere for a week, but thankfully my little brother's spring break doesn't coincide with mine, so she can't. (No way am I letting her do that again, after the last n times she's done it.)

* * *

The kitties are now (thankfully) sleeping...I had to pull a string around for them to play with all afternoon, because I'm home, and they just would not leave me alone. So, I got them all tired out, and now they're curled up in little balls of fur on the couch.

Two of them (Orion and Oberon) were in bed with me last on each side. They refused to move, even when I was twisting around trying to get comfortable. This is highly unusual for them, as they usually get upset with me whenever I change positions.

They're cute, in that silly little kitten sort of way.

-- Des

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