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Prop 8 passed. Gay marriage is illegal again.

Dear California,

Shame on you for passing Prop 8.

Proposition 8 wasn't about protecting our children, or the sanctity of our churches. Churches have always been able to marry--or not--whomever they choose. Children aren't even taught about marriage in school. Neither of these things changed with the Supreme Court ruling, and they won't change now.

The only thing different is that now, several hundred thousand of your neighbors, friends, brothers and sisters have been stripped of their right to marry the one they love.

I'm disappointed. You are decent, kind, and compassionate. You were concerned for your children, and afraid that you would be forced to accept things in your church you're not ready to accept. You were afraid that that two of the most important things in your life--your faith and your children--were under attack. I understand that.

But quite simply: you were taken in. The extremist Right knowingly, willfully lied to you, put fear in your heart, and you believed them.

Honestly, I'm disappointed in myself, also. I'm disappointed I haven't done enough to show that we are upstanding, successful, moral citizens. I'm disappointed I wasn't able to demonstrate the love, compassion and commitment we all share for each other and our community. I'm saddened I haven't lived up to your expectations of me as a kind, decent person, one who deserves the same recognition and protection as you.

I'm hopeful, though. I know we can work through this. Despite our differences now, I'm confident that in another eight years, I can prove I am worthy of those rights, as you are. I'm proud to work in my chosen profession, proud to be a contributing member of our society, and still proud to call myself a Californian.

I take pride in living my life as a successful, moral, bisexual man.

I support the right of churches to marry--or not--whomever they choose. I believe children are inquisitive and intelligent, and can figure out marriage without the intervention of a schoolteacher. And I support the right of every adult couple, straight or otherwise, to have their deep and abiding love recognized and protected by the state.

I hope one day soon, we'll agree on that last one.

With Love,
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