Des (deskitty) wrote,

[A is my brother, K is another relative whom I'm out to.]

A: Dude, I can't stand needles. If I ever got in an accident... just put me down, man. Gun in the back of the head and pow, it's all good. But don't poke me with a needle.

K: I'm OK with needles, but you know what really grosses me out? Pills. I just can't take pills.

A: Oh man, I take like 2 or 3 at a time, dry.

K: Ugh! ::scrunches her face and makes gagging noises::

Des: I'll gag half the time while brushing my teeth.

K: I do that too... I have a horrible gag reflex. Brushing my tongue... soon as I hit the back, ::faux-gags, grins at me::

Des: Oh, yeah, horrible gag reflex. ::grins back:: I just have to hit my back teeth.

A: Man, I know how that goes --

Des: ::turns to A, busts up laughing:: I don't *think* so, unless there's a lot you haven't been telling me!

::Des and K collapse in a fit of giggles, A just glares::

-- Des

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