Des (deskitty) wrote,

Ranting vs. Thinking

Wow, haven't posted here in a month.

Most of my one-liners are going to Twitter nowadays. I'm sure I could set something up to link the two, but so far haven't bothered.

Really, there's not a whole lot going on, though I bought a 360 last weekend. >.> Circuit City's demise has been to my benefit -- I doubt I'd be able to find one for that cheap again any time soon.

I have some political thoughts I want to share, but haven't had the time/energy/inclination to write them up. I think I need to be more careful about that, though, because I've realized that many people (IRL, at least) take my rants more seriously than they're intended. They hear me rant, then don't bother to have the actual, serious intellectual conversation to find out how I view things beyond "oh, ha ha ha The Man sucks".

I've been trying to keep my LJ toward the "reasoned discourse" side of things, but I think I need to make more of a conscious effort to draw the distinction, both IRL and online.

So going forward, I'll try to make it more clear. But please don't assume that just because you've heard me rant, you know what I think. If you don't make an effort to ask and engage, you don't know.

-- Des
Tags: communication

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