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So, I've been screwing around with my desktop again...somehow, I'm still using AfterStep, mainly because it's faster than E, and I like the way it handles focus/raising and icons (even though its menu system is shitty, and it needs to be able to handle the Start key as a modifier).

But, I have a new desktop wallpaper (big whoop), and I'm using screen extensively. If you don't know what screen is, and you use Linux, well, you should. Screen is the absolute coolest program there is for consoles. It's even cooler than VNC.

So, now, if I have a screen running, it will automatically reattach whenever I log in, and dump me at a nice, clean shell. I had it setup earlier so that every xterm I launched was a new window within that screen session, but that got kinda annoying (mainly the lack of mousewheel scrolling), so I decided not to do that. I'm going to play around a little bit, though, and see if I can come up with a better way to do something like that.

Oh yes, and I went and picked up both my parking permit for this quarter, and an app to be a lab monitor. It may not pay that much, but it's at least a start, for now.

If anyone has any job-hunting ideas, please let me know.

Oh yes, and happy April Fool's...the GAIM developers are certainly in the spirit.

-- Des

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