Des (deskitty) wrote,

Exercise Notes

Went for a hike around Albany Hill after I got home... lasted about 1:15, with maybe 20 minutes of that actually being strenuous uphill. The rest was an extended warm-up/cool-down, walking at a fast pace. Was mostly cardio -- my legs were plenty strong for the hill; they were tight, but not at all sore. Was definitely taxing my lungs/heart, though.

Got rather light-headed during the uphill bits, probably because I hadn't eaten since lunch. Went through about 16oz of Gatorade on the hike, then several glasses of water and a burrito after I got home.

Not really sore at the moment, and my mood is doing fine. I'm not even particularly tired, an hour afterward. If my feet didn't hurt, I could do it again. It wasn't nearly as intense as Sunday, but I still feel like I got something useful out of it. I'm pretty pleased.

Next time I need to find someplace more strenuous to hike, or go up and down the hill twice. Either way, should push myself harder -- and eat beforehand.

But it's still cool that I have a nice hill, with lots of trees and trails running around it, less than a half-hour walk from my apartment. I actually stumbled across a nice residential neighborhood on the hill -- I'd totally own a house there. There was ample parking, and (as evidenced by my hike) it's a decent walk from BART. (My current apartment is almost too close, honestly.) Too bad none of them were for sale.

-- Des
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