Des (deskitty) wrote,

ugh. Gonna be sore tomorrow.

Dinner (chicken curry + rice) ~1hr prior

Jogging in-place (~10:00) [warm-up]
Sit-ups 50 (3:38) [above ground -- no backrest]
Push-ups ? (10:00) [elbows strictly at sides; 1/2 lever length -- from waist]
Sit-ups 20 (3:08)
Push-ups ? (5:00) [same as above]
Sit-ups 10 (1:30)
Dancing like a crazed squirrel (6:40) [cool-down]

Milk+cookie immediately after (to avoid glucose crash)

Discovered, to my chagrin (but not really surprise) that I can't do full push-ups using just my fore-arms (keeping my elbows strictly at my sides). A full push-up seems to require bringing my shoulders to bear. So I just did them from the waist, which was plenty hard in itself. :p I need to do a better job counting -- I was focusing all my attention on just making the movement correctly. :p

Wrists didn't bother me this time. I guess they've had sufficient time to heal from when I slept funny ... 3 weeks ago? Something like that.

Definitely gonna be sore in my forearms tomorrow. Left moreso than right, but that's not surprising -- my right's been getting a lot of work shifting gears in Shiro. Dunno about abs. I probably could've done more situps if I'd wanted to, but chickened out toward the end and was like, "I want this to be over". :p

The milk+cookie helped somewhat, but I'm definitely still noticing some moodiness creeping in. All you people who can get high from exercising -- you're lucky. I hate being cranky.

That said, I've been doing this for what, a week? (Inconsistently, at that.) Hopefully it will get better.

-- Des
Tags: exercise

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