Des (deskitty) wrote,

Laser Tag!

So yesterday (that's Saturday, for those of you who aren't reading this within the next hour or so), vokzal and I went laser-tagging in Golden Gate Park, of all places.

One of her friends was organising the event, which ended up with something like 50 or so people. There were maybe 6 teams, and we played Capture the Flag, rotating teams throughout the day so each team had about 4 15-minute games.

The location was excellent -- we were in a redwood grove straddling a gully, with bushes and paths going through. There was plenty of cover, lots of interesting terrain, and it was a big enough field that it took a decent amount of time to cross it.

They had headset radios for each team, and several types of serious laser weapons -- from small, short-range (but wider-beam) pistols, to long-range, narrow-beam sniper rifles. All were equipped with laser sights, making it very easy for even a n00b like me to aim. :D (You line up the dot and pull the trigger. The laser beam goes exactly where the dot is.)

Capture the Flag laser tag is very different from your standard melee -- it doesn't matter how many times you die, or how many kills you make. What matters is whether your team captures the opposing flag, which requires teamwork and communication. It was vastly more fun than any previous laser tag experience I've had.

Our team's tactical lead had been a member of the Israeli army at one point, so he was pointing out things that never would have occurred to the rest of us. One of the first things we did was establish radio conventions -- how to talk about things like location, distance, direction, etc. We had common names for various landmarks, and positions, and we spent most of our break time plotting strategy.

At the same time, other teams were much more laid-back -- some had little kids, and were just like, "yeah, charge!" and others (like mine) were more serious, more focused, more coordinated. I think I prefer the serious approach -- the game definitely takes intelligence and skill. I like having to coordinate with team members, work out battle plans, and adjust them on the fly. Just shooting at people holds little appeal for me.

In short, I had an absolute blast, and I'd totally do it again. :D

-- Des
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