Des (deskitty) wrote,

Exercise Log

Did Albany Hill again. This time, jogged part of the way there, on and off up the hill, and most of the way back. I didn't keep exact time, but I'm guessing I was probably engaged for a good 35-40min, with occasional short breaks to say hi to cats and avoid getting trampled by deer, humans or other wildlife.

I ate a banana right before leaving work. That really wasn't enough -- I was definitely starting to get light-headed toward the end of the jog. Stopped at Lucky's on the way home to pick up an Odwalla with protein and dinner fixings. Still haven't eaten dinner yet, because the apt manager is supposed to come by in a bit and fix my bedroom blinds.

I'm a bit cranky, but not overly so -- nothing I can't handle. My reactive airways flared up a little, though -- I've had a semi-persistent cough since I came down off the hill. Hopefully it takes care of itself (but I should still drink water and grab a cough drop, to help it along).


I missed working out Tuesday. This was entirely my own fault -- I just slacked off. I'm considering trying to get myself up early and do it in the mornings along with my meditation on the theory that if I make it part of my morning routine, I'm more likely to do it and not slack off.


-- Des
Tags: exercise

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