Des (deskitty) wrote,

Exercise Log

The usual hike/run routine. I think last time went better, but I feel more tired after this one. It was all I could do to drag my butt back from the hill walking. Was also soaked (literally, most of my T-shirt was soaked through) with sweat.

I tried fruit (a banana) last time, so this time I figured I'd try fruit+protein, in the form of Jamba Juice. It wasn't any better -- if anything, it was worse, because I didn't wait long enough and started getting cramps at the beginning. My body definitely responds better to fat and (more) protein, so the adage about drinking juice or Gatorade or whatnot before running just doesn't hold true for me.

The cramps were mild and passed fairly quickly, though. Even still, I was mildly light-headed for most of the trip up until the very end, when exhaustion took over and my brain stopped paying all but the barest attention to what my eyes were seeing.

I ran the latter part of the way out, and the first part of the way back. I dropped back mostly to walking while climbing the hill, as I was already pretty winded by this point, and then ran on the more gentle up/downslopes near the top. As I started running home, I could tell that if I kept pushing myself, I'd be risking moodiness later, so I dropped back to walking a bit before the halfway point.

My running this time was intervals, though -- walk for a couple minutes, then RUN hard until I started hyperventilating. Then slow down and keep walking until my body had made up the oxygen debt, lather, rinse, repeat. If the amount of sweat is any indication, that was a more intense workout, even though it only lasted 25 minutes or so.

I should note that at no point during this or last time did I have to stop and rest. I spent the whole trip moving, which is a good thing.

-- Des
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