Des (deskitty) wrote,

Exercise Log

Quickly, since bedtime is soon.

I skipped last week due to being in a bad (unmotivated) mood.

I did Albany Hill again, and this was the best one yet. 45 minutes of almost constant running/jogging/hiking up a hill, starting from outside my front door, and ending back there again. I think it's also one of my faster (if not the fastest) times for Albany Hill.

Had an energy bar before I left, and a glass of juice when I got back. I'm only just now sitting down to a light dinner (1 egg, with avocado and feta) before I read for a while and then sleep.

My headspace during the session was pretty bad -- going into angry, negative thought loops and dwelling there. But I seemed to recover fairly quickly afterward, and haven't noticed any lingering moodiness.

So I think I can call today a success. =)

-- Des
Tags: exercise

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