Des (deskitty) wrote,

Exercise Log

Albany Hill.

I punted -- either I started out too quickly, or I just wasn't fully recovered from my run on Tues. By the time I got to Pacific East my ankles/shins were hurting. Since I like not injuring myself, I decided to reduce to a walk and finished the route (up the hill and back down) walking.

Briefly considered making tonight an upper-body night, but honestly, my mood wasn't that great to start with, and punting certainly didn't help. So I'm gonna relax for a bit and get dinner.

On the plus side, I barely broke a sweat climbing the hill. When I first started doing this, I was usually panting by the time I got to the top. So... progress! Whoo! Or something.

I should probably make Tues be running, and Thurs be upper-body, or vice versa. I'm undecided. Eventually, I want to go to Mon-Wed-Fri, or Tues-Thurs-Sun, or something like that... but if today is any indication, that's a ways off yet.

I should start writing about my mental state, as well as my physical state in here again. Seems like I haven't done that in a while. Maybe because things are relatively quiet (or at least stuck) mentally, and the real "struggles" in my life at the moment are physical.

Speaking of which, my finger-joint pain has started to flare up again. I ordered a Kinesis keyboard for work (similar to the one I have at home), and ran around to three different stores today trying to find stress balls that I can squeeze to work the muscles in my hands more. Sadly, none of the stores had them. But I'm starting to get scared that I'm doing, or have done, long-term, permanent damage to myself already, and it's just a matter of falling back and falling back until a couple decades from now (when I'm, say, 40) I can't type anymore.

Call it a product of my mood, but these things worry me sometimes.

-- Des
Tags: exercise, health, rsi

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