Des (deskitty) wrote,

Memorial Weekend

This was a surprisingly eventful memorial day weekend, for not having been planned in advance.

Friday night, yelang, blauzahl and I went out and grabbed dinner, and ended up going to an Ethiopian place that was quite tasty. I got to experience the wonders of Tej (all the alcohol you could want, with a sweet fruit-juice taste!), which got me mildly drunk after one glass.

Saturday, blauzahl and I were going to meet up with someone from KDE IRC who was in town (but bailed on us -- the silly person). Instead, netolu came up for the day, and we ran around getting lunch, and then went for an afternoon hike in Briones. (We started hiking at about 5, and got back to the cars around 7, 7:30 -- with over an hour of daylight left, no less!) That was fun -- we all got a couple hours' exercise in, and saw some pretty California Nature before heading into Walnut Creek (and Mel's) for dinner.

Sunday was a lazy day. If I did much of anything, I don't remember. I think I spent a lot of time cleaning, and recuperating from the craziness of the day before. I had intended to work on my note-taking app, but PyKDE decided not to work for some obscure reason I haven't been able to figure out.

On Monday, I drove down to Santa Cruz to visit glaurungs_spawn, since I missed seeing him on Saturday. (He'd come up for an unrelated thing, and our schedules just didn't sync up.) Because it's the two of us, we spent a lot of time looking at each other and going, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Finally, we started driving, heading up hwy 9 and into big basin, then back out along Bear Creek to hwy 17, before returning to his mom's house for dinner.

I think I covered something like 250 miles yesterday. (Add that in to the 160 miles from Sat, and I managed to put a whopping 410 miles on my car. :/) Most of yesterday's driving was insanely fun, though -- hwy 17 (at least, with little traffic) is always a treat to drive, and we found many twisty, fun, and sparsely-populated back roads heading through the Santa Cruz mountains.

After we made it back to his mom's and had dinner, we headed back down into town for Star Trek. I dragged him along, as I'm probably the only geek who had yet to see it. Well... I've seen it now. I'll reserve what I think about it for another post.


Now I'm sitting on the BART train, just pulling out of West Oakland, and realizing I probably didn't need to put on my fleece, as the Bay Area seems to have decided it's going to be warm today. There's a straight couple sitting up at the front of the train -- the boy seems very intent on making kissy-faces at the girl, who's looking everywhere but at him. He seems totally oblivious to this, chattering away while repeatedly kissing her on the cheek, her mouth, her neck, and who knows where else.

We're in the tube now, and the train driver just announced that we're travelling slowly because there's a train up ahead at Montgomery which is having issues. Hopefully they get the train cleared -- otherwise we'll get backed up behind Embarcadero in the tube, and that's never fun.

She's cuddling him now, though, so it must be all good.

-- Des
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