Des (deskitty) wrote,

Exercise Log

Tuesday: The Prop 8 protest march was on Tuesday, so I used the opportunity to do quite a bit of walking around (net: from work near Embarcadero to the Castro). Didn't time it or anything like that, but kept up a good pace and burned a lot of energy.

Thursday: Relatively quick work-outy-thing at home since (a) I have a lot of other stuff to do, and (b) I kinda screwed up my food schedule, so I didn't have enough energy to push very hard. :/

I hate upper-body work. Hate hate hate.

Did like 40 ... sit-ups? crunches? whatever sit-ups are called when you don't have anything underneath your back at the bottom. Those were interspersed with 60 of a pushup-like motion against a wall (with the angle sufficiently unfavorable so as to force my muscles to do at least some work). High-energy dancing (probably at the level of jogging) at the beginning and end.

The whole thing probably lasted less than a half-hour. Arms are definitely tired, and I never can tell with my abs until the next day.

Also: I started to get a mild headache (which, I've learned, is my body's way of saying "STOP before you get fucked up"). It's food time.

-- Des
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