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Sat, May. 30th, 2009 10:11 am
Prop8-Related Links

In an effort to clear out my browser tabs, I'm going to throw some interesting Proposition 8 links out here -- some of these I've collected from Twitter, or from friends, or weblogs, but all of them are worth reading. I linked to a few of them in my post yesterday, but I feel they're worth repeating here. I'll update this list as I find more.

Pam's House Blend: The Master's Tools (part 1)
Pam's House Blend: The Master's Tools (part 2)
This is an excellent article, in two parts, discussing homophobia in the black community, how homophobia is intertwined with race, and how all of this affects gay marriage. He also discusses the impact of Christianity -- how black churches foster a strong sense of life-long community while forcing LGBTs to stay firmly in the closet. It's written by a black gay man, who is married to his white husband.

"Stop8.org monitors the news for coverage about civil marriage equality in California. We also produce original video and editorial content, and advise organizations on conducting online outreach."

Huffington Post: Evan Wolfson: Today is Freedom to Marry day - Just Don't Say "Gay Marriage"!
An editorial on why we should talk about the "freedom to marry", and not "gay marriage". His position is that asking for "gay marriage" makes it sound as if we're asking for something different than what straights already have, and lends credence to the opposition's assertion that we're asking for "special rights".

Marriage Equality USA
"Marriage Equality USA, is an all-volunteer, national non-profit organization whose mission is to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all, at the federal and state level, without regard to gender identity or sexual orientation."

Facts (from Let California Ring)
"Here is a brief summary of events that granted – and then halted and put into question – the legal right to marry for gay and lesbian couples in California, as well as a recap of similar efforts around the country."

Daily Kos: Read page 36. They just cut Prop 8 to the bone.
Daily Kos takes a look at the Supreme Court decision, and discovers some rather surprising implications for gay civil rights in what the justices wrote.

Ted Olson goes to court on behalf of gay marriage
A brief news article on the federal lawsuit that was filed to overturn Proposition 8, and why it was filed.

Pam's House Blend: The complex questions about the marriage equality movement and the Olson/Boies federal lawsuit
This discusses the federal lawsuit, and why or why not such a lawsuit right now is a good idea. The strategy thus far has been to avoid filing a federal lawsuit until Obama has had a chance to replace some of the justices on the Supreme Court with less conservative individuals. This lawsuit throws a monkey wrench in that plan, and we have to take a second look at our strategy in light of it.

Positive Liberty: Jason Kuznicki: The Prop 8 Decision
A brief, if somewhat more scholarly treatment of the Prop 8 court decision, and how it is a direct result of California and Progressive politics and ideology.

Pam's House Blend: When Love's Not Enough
When a good friend comes to dinner, and makes well-meaning but hurtful comments about marriage equality, how does one respond? How do we communicate with good Christians who just don't understand why legal recognition is important for gay couples?

Huffington Post: Stinson Carter: When the People Are Wrong -- A Son's Defense of His Father's Gay Marriage
A short personal story of acceptance as a family.

libba_bray: There is nothing wrong with you
Some thoughts about growing up in the Deep South, with a gay father who was outed while in the Army. She also discusses and refutes some of the arguments against marriage equality.

rainhopperroo: Roo is hurt
Another personal story, in which his husband died due to medical error. Without a legally-recognized marriage, he did not have the standing necessary to challenge the doctor's clearly incorrect diagnosis and get his husband the medical care he required.

-- Des

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