Des (deskitty) wrote,

Reposting Deleted Comment

I left a comment on luphinus' post about the fur dealer at Califur, which he saw fit to delete. I'm reposting it here, along with his (similarly deleted) response.

[As a quick side note, I automatically repost things like that on the theory that if someone gets upset enough to actually delete it, it obviously had enough of an impact to make it worth keeping around. Plus, I'm not a fan of censorship in general, particularly where it concerns civil discussion. I won't delete comments in my journal--unless they are patently abusive, or spam--for this reason.

I thought about not posting it, as I don't want to spread drama. But, (a) I feel pretty strongly about the censorship thing, and (b) it's funny in a tragic sort of way. >.> I trust those of you who read this to treat it for what it is -- silliness.

My comment follows:
I am not going to take a position on this, because without talking to Califur and the vendor himself I simply don't have enough information to do so.

I'm assuming, based on your subsequent reactions, you are not aware of how your initial post was received, and were surprised when your outrage was met with sarcasm and laughter. As someone who was tempted to respond similarly, let me try to explain.

You had the opportunity to start a calm, reasoned discussion on this subject -- a discussion that may have yielded something positive on both sides, either by getting the vendor evicted once a consensus is reached, or by providing you with more information to dispel any incorrect assumptions you might hold.

Instead of starting that discussion, however, you chose to engage in name-calling and drama-whoring of the "ZOMG YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME SO I'VE LOST RESPECT FOR YOU" variety, even going so far as to list off the individuals you feel have wronged you, as if they are supposed to care if you've "lost respect" for them.

And yet you wonder why people don't take you seriously, why they respond with sarcasm. It's because from your very first post, you have managed to incite stereotypical furry drama while adding very little useful discussion to the issue at hand.

And personally, I'm irritated that once again, you are spamming me (not me directly, of course, but my friends page, Twitter feed, etc.) with dramatic bullshit. You might actually have some valid points, but if so they're impossible for me to find beneath all the BS.

I hope you consider this next time you decide to post a rant. If you don't demonstrate at least basic respect for people whose opinions are different from yours, and if you don't make, at minimum, an honest effort to back up your position with facts (as opposed to hearsay), people are much less likely to take you seriously.

His response:
Remove me from your friends page. I've already removed you from mine.

Clearly, my point sailed right past him.

-- Des
Tags: adults, drama, furries, stupidity

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